Life Coaching Packages


I offer a range of Life Coaching packages, of different levels of committment. All packages include a 30 minute initial consultation and a 30 minute follow up call 30 days after completion of the programme. 

Some of my most popular packages are:

* Building Resilience:

  •  This package includes topics such as managing fear, mistakes, possibility and change.

* Dare to Dream, Dare to Believe, Dare to Achieve 

  • This package includes topics such as goal setting, visualisation and gratitude.

* Self confidence & Self esteem

  • This package includes topics such as limiting beliefs, re-framing and self talk.


"The best investment you can make in life is an investment in YOU.... Because YOU'RE worth it!"


Call me now to create a tailor made package for you and start living the life you always wished for!

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