Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T)


Emotional Freedom Technique/s, commonly known as E.F.T is a modern energy therapy that has been developed over the last two decades.  EFT was developed by Gary Craig in the mid 1980's and to date it has provided an abundance of people accross the globe the "freedom" from physical and emotional pain / issues, anxieties, phobias, addictions, painful memories, grief and traumatic experiences, negative feelings such as anger / jelousy, resentment, saddness, insecurity / low self esteem/confidence, limiting beliefs etc. 

EFT is an empowering tool, whereby you stimulate energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them/ rubbing with your fingertips. The process is easy to memorise and is portable, so you can do it anywhere!  

Emotional Freedom Technique is for you if you would like to release any unwanted emotions or limiting beliefs. Our unconscious / subconscious mind has infinate memory. It stores every sound, smell, taste, sight and touch as well as every emotion feeling associated with these memories. When a negative memory is triggered by any / all of the senses, it send off a chemical reaction in the body, often causing a physical sensation (such as butterflies in the stomach, heart racing) and your stored beliefs, behaviours and emotions are brought back to the surface. EFT works by restoring your body's energy to a balanced state by tapping on the meridian points while concentrating, accepting and resolving the negative emotion / feeling.

I am qualified to Level 2 in Conventional E.F.T (AAMET) and a Master Practitioner / Trainer in Energy E.F.T with the Guild of Energists. I offer sessions 1:1 with children or adults.

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