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The 2 x 3 hour Confidence Building Course will enable you to understand how and why lack of confidence can affect you, teaching you to separate yourself from this 'condition', where the lack of confidence comes from and explains it in a simple step by step process. This course includes simple and effective coping tools to assist you in regaining your self confidence. This course shows how from an early age our confidence levels are depleted, explores the differences between passive, assertive and agressive behaviours and the power of body language and positive self talk and the impact that has on improving self confidence.

We all have the power and ability to improve our self confidence.


The 3 x 3 hour Anxiety & Depression Course enables you to understand how and why these anxiety and depression conditions affect you . The course teaches you how to separate yourself from these 'conditions', explains both anxiety and depression using a very simple step by step process and how to use techniques to help control anxiety and depression conditions empowering you to take control and live a better quality life. This course explains how the thoughts that are stored in your unconscious mind have become an all consuming negative influence on you. The course will give you an understanding how everything you have ever seen, heard, touched, tasted and felt are stored in your unconscious mind as memories and how very often memories are major triggers for anxiety attacks. 

UPCOMING DATES: Ongoing dates for both. Please do not hestitate to contact to make enquries. Private 1:1 sessions available, please contact for further information.


The Anxiety Awareness session will help you to recognise where your anxiety comes from, causes, how to understand and tools to help control it. 

UPCOMING DATES: Ongoing dates. Please contact me to register your interest / book onto the next course. Due to demand, private 1:1 sessions also available.



 *** To reserve a space, a £25 non-refundable deposit is required, for materials / handouts. The remaining balance is required 72 hours ahead of the date that the course commences.***

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